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In order to ensure increased customer satisfaction, we continuously invest in the certification of our quality system.
We continually invest in certifications
As one of the major demands of this company is to maintain and improve its quality system in order to be able to guarantee increasing customer satisfaction, the IS3 continually invests in certifications that meet the requirements of its customers.
NP EN ISO 9001 NP EN ISO 9001 Conception and production of metal products. Commercialization of machinery and equipment for civil construction. Provision of laser cutting services, stamping and machining of metal parts.
EN 1090-3 EN 1090-3 Execution of aluminium structures.
EN 1090-2 EN 1090-2 Execution of steel structures.
EN ISO 3834-2 EN ISO 3834-2

Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials:

Manufacture of components for steel structures, machinery and railway vehicles.

Equipment for assembly lines for the automotive industry.

EN 15085-2 EN 15085-2 Welding of railway vehicles and components.
ISO/TS 16949 ISO/TS 16949 Implementation process for the auto industry certification.
OHSAS 18001 OHSAS 18001 Implementation process for health and safety certification.
All products are inspected in accordance with the control instructions present in the internal specifications and that are sent by clients, not only when we receive the material but also during and at the end of the production. IS3 also uses specific documentation, where every control is registered (when requested by the clients):

  • PPAP - Approval Process Part Production
  • Capability Study Process
  • FMEA - Modal Analysis of Failures and Effects    
  • Repeatability study of an EMM
  • 8D reports

Records are made in PHC - production management software (Manufactor).

Also for the control and measurement are needed special equipment, to highlight:
  • Quality control Tables and Jigs
  • Coating thickness gauge - icron control of surface treatments (galvanizing, galvanizing and painting)
  • Durometer - control the hardness of steel
  • Faro Arm for three-dimensional measurement. 
 Equipment and Facilities
Quality Policy
Quality Policy
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