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Technical Capacity
Irmãos Sousa, S.A.

Technical Capacity

IS3 stands out in the Metal Working market for being a flexible and innovative company, thanks to its technical and production means, which not only allow the manufacture of medium and large series, but also offer to its customers the solutions they seek. Read more

The production plant is also equipped with an extensive range of presses. These devices make the production faster and more effective and allow stamping, cutting, marking and drilling different parts for many different purposes.

In brief:

  • Mechanical presses CNC, from 20 up to 800 tons
  • Hydraulic presses, from 100 up to 320 tons
  • Mechanical presses eccentric, between 15 and 150 tons
  • Stamping and cutting with progressive tools
  • 1 hydraulic press with force of 100 tons., With tool housing 650 x 650 mm
  •  Printing and cutting using progressive tools
Tube Laser Cutting

IS3 is equipped with two innovative systems for laser cutting tube (C02 and fiber). This technology enables a high productivity rate. It is an efficient system for the production of both small and large batches.


Main features:

  • Round, square, rectangular and oval tubes
  • Diameter up to 140 mm
  • Length up to 6500 mm
  • Thickness from 2 up to 8 mm
  • Materials: Stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and copper
IS3 is specialized in mechano-welded constructions, since it is equipped with advanced technology robots and certificated and experienced welders:
  • Welding cells with single and double robots with rotating stations
  • Welding cell with 4 robots in line (Ø 2000x15000 mm)
  • TIG and MAG welding
  • Materials: Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum
  • Welding and quality control Jigs
  • Welding and control Tables
Machining Center

IS3 have a lot of experience in machining work, since it was in this sector which this activity started and it was through this that was developed its know-how, reflected, today, in the quality of parts and tools produced. Here, it's executed all kinds of jobs, as it has available a set of equipment that let to offer a service that meets the highest quality standards such as:

  • Mechanical and CNC Lathes
  • Threading Machines M64
  • Milling Machines CNC
  • Machining Centers CNC
  • Surface grinding machines CNC
  • Machining of forged, casted and machined and welded parts
  • Building of own tooling and jigs for the production of the parts
Additional equipments

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, it is worth highlighting the importance of some of others production support equipments, such as:    

  • Tube bending machines, up to diameter of 60 mm
  • Calandra, capacity curl of 8mm thickness per 3000 mm long
  • Automatic tape saws, until CNC 250 degrees and disc feeder, up to 60 x 100 mm
  • Automatic washing machines
  • Guillotines CNC, with 12 x 3000 mm cutting capacity
  • CNC hydraulic press brakes, force up to 150 tones. and 200 tons., length 3000 mm
Surface Treatment
IS3 offers its customers several different coating options, whether performed internally or subcontracted out to neighboring partners:
  • Powder or Epoxy Painting (800x1600x3000mm)
  • Liquid Painting
  • Cataphoresis
  • Hot dip Galvanizing
  • Zinc-coating
  • Geomet
  • Chroming
Line automatic painting
IS3 offers two lines of automatic electrostatic painting, with capacities of 350x1200mm and 800x1600x3000mm with degreasing tank, wash in running water, passivation and drying tunnel.

Most of the products manufactured by IS3 go through a hot galvanizing process, anticorrosion, which gives them longevity. This treatment is subcontracted and can be performed by immersion, for medium and large parts, or by centrifugation, for smaller ones.
Production and Control Jigs
The IS3 is an autonomous and independent company, thanks to its internal production of tools and gabarits for presses, machining centers, welding procedurews and also for production control.
Assembly, packaging and transport
On the semi-finished or finishes sets production, is very often required the assembly, packaging and trasnport of the parts in trucks or sea container. This company has the capacity and experience to incorporate electricalc components, wood, rubber, plastic, polyurethane and others in the final product. Because besides having good partners, in different areas, also has the facility to produce, internally, molds for the production of these components.
Technical support
Thanks to a team of experienced technicians, the company provides its customers a specialized and continued support in their projects. In addition, it participates in their development and improvement, in order to optimize production and reducing unnecessary costs in manufacture.

It is in this department that are thought and designed the gabarits and also the essential tools for the production and control of all parts.

The design software and programming mainly used are : Inventor CAD-CAM and Catia.
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