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Business Areas
Irmãos Sousa, S.A.

Business Areas

The flexibility and advanced technology that make up the productive structure of IS3, allow to offer different solutions for different business areas.
Building Construction Building Construction

Building Construction

The building construction industry is one of the leading and oldest areas in which the company IS3 Metalworking operates. In this activity, are produced numerous articles in medium and large series for an extensive and prestigious portfolio of clients. Scaffolding and formwork systems, trellises for bridges and viaducts, pulleys for cranes and other metal accessories, such as props, tripods and heads.
Packaging and Logistics Packaging and Logistics

Packaging and Logistics

During the transport, IS3 takes special care and attention in the packing of parts, in order to ensure that will arrive at their destination in perfect conditions. For this, this company offers its customers the possibility to produce their own pallets and containers, to facilitate not only the transport, but also the storage at customers premises.

Automotive Automotive


The automotive industry is an extremely demanding activity and known for its just-in-time system, which requires to its partners high quality and service excellence. For this industry, IS3 Metalworking produces assembly lines and handling systems, automobile parts, mechanically-welded assemblies and stamping parts.
Solar Energy Solar Energy

Solar Energy

A proof that IS3 is always attentive to new markets and business opportunities, is the strong investment in a growing and promising sector, the Renewable Energy. In this area, fixed and rotating metal structures in stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized are manufactured with efficiency.

Agriculture Agriculture


Recent activity sector, that has been increasing the volume of the company's business. Here are produced with a high level of exigence, complex mechano-welded parts, which are integrated directly into agricultural machinery.
Environment Environment


To participate on environment improving is already a duty. So, to help on it IS3 also manufactures garbage recycling containers.

Railway Railway


The railway industry is a growing activity, also very demanding, for which this company manufactures steel structures for seats and other furnishings. To operate in this sector is required the certificate EN 15085-2.
Trucks and Trailers Trucks and Trailers

Trucks and Trailers

For this activity are produced parts for trucks, such as security systems, stamped parts and mechanically welded structures.
Conveyors Conveyors


Innovative new business area, which make easier the transport of debris from the worksite, avoiding the human intervention and force.
Machined Parts Machined Parts

Machined Parts

Equipped with CNC machines, this company works and machine metal, casted and forged parts.
Stamped and Bended Parts Stamped and Bended Parts

Stamped and Bended Parts

Equipped with presses up to 800 tons, IS3 ensures the supplying parts and sets of high quality and in a short time, since the tools used in the stamping process are executed internally.


Laser Cutted Parts Laser Cutted Parts

Laser Cutted Parts

With laser cutting technology for tubes, you can get cut with high quality without the need for subsequent finishing, various materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and copper.
Special Parts Special Parts

Special Parts

Manufacturing special and technical parts, which normally form part of a complete mechanical-welded assembly.
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